Saturday, October 23, 2010

Market Bag

Market Bag (front view)... click on photo to enlarge.

Market Bag (side view).  Sorry... not the best photo.
It's been a crazy-busy week.  I've been cooking up a storm for my family.  Nothing very exciting... just getting meals on the table between loads of laundry and chores and running errands.  I've been so busy that I made some experimental vegan chocolate mint cookie dough on Monday and never had a chance to bake off the cookies.  Now THAT is busy!  My husband sprained his ankle something awful (playing tennis) and he asked me to sew a cover for his walking brace (to keep the brace clean when he goes outside).  I had so much fun sewing the brace cover... I practically forgot how much I enjoy sewing!  I know I would sew more if I had a dedicated sewing space.  For now, I have all my sewing stuff in a closet in a spare room. Each time I want to work on a sewing project, I have to spend a considerable amount of time just to make a work space.  I had a "light bulb" moment today... I decided to make re-usable market bags that I can take to the grocery store.  I'll ask the checker to put my groceries in my homemade bags instead of the store's plastic bags.  Hopefully I can make a collection of these bags and, in the course of a year, I'll keep a lot of plastic bags out of the landfill.    


Anonymous said...

Good for you. I love my canvas bags (not nearly as pretty as your bag, but very functional) and they never tear like the plastic ones used to. Harriet

affectioknit said...

Super CUTE! I love that retro print!

Anne Marie said...

I, too, am trying to make more time to sew. It often comes down to sewing or baking...not an easy choice! :) Keep up the great work!