Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I had a very nice Valentines Day and I hope you did too.  We kind of celebrated on Sunday... not that we really "celebrate" Valentines Day.  I think we try to do kind things for one another every day... not just on Valentines Day because the calendar says so. On Sunday, I came from work and my husband surprised me with some pretty red and white flowers (I think they are carnations), a little bag of Peanut M&M's, and a box of my favorite wine (Herding Cats'  merlot/pinotage, a dark red wine from South Africa).  Ah, he knows me so well. We went out to dinner at Subway for sandwiches... a treat as I did have to cook or do dishes after a long day at work. Yay! 

Since my husband and son were so sweet to me on Sunday, I wanted to bake a special chocolaty treat to have after dinner on Valentines Day.  This is not much of a recipe so I am a little embarrassed to post about this, but I just wanted to share this idea with you.  I think we started making this dessert this past summer when fresh berries were bountiful in the produce section.  On occasion, my husband will come to the grocery store with me and it's amazing what ends up in the cart when he comes along.  On one of these shopping trips, he saw cake mixes and, as he sheepishly held up the box of Devils Food Cake Mix, he asked, "Can you make this?"  As if to say, "Is this hard or too much trouble?"  You see, as I am writing this, I am literally laughing out loud as I am recalling a weeknight several years ago... my husband stood in the kitchen, watching me make up a box of Hamburger Helper (gross, I know!), and he said, "Man, that's a lot of steps!"  So my point is that my family thinks this dessert is a big treat.  I guess I'll just keep on letting them think it IS a big fuss. But of course, you and I know making a cake with a cake mix is CHEATING, right?  So, without any further rambling, here is my Super-Simple-Looks-Like-a-Million-Bucks-Easy-Enough-to-Make-on-a-Busy-Weeknight-Dessert-Recipe!

Super-Simple- Looks-Like-a-Million-Bucks-Easy-

1 box Chocolate cake mix, prepared as directed on box (I used Devil's Food and prepared in a 13"x9" pan)
Cool Whip, thawed
Fresh Berries (slice and sprinkle on a little sugar, if desired)

I know, I know... it's so simple, but so yummy.  It's like Strawberry Shortcake only better.  Everything is better with chocolate, right?  I think it made for a very good Valentines Day treat.  Okay, next time... I promise to post something more blog-worthy.

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Mmmm! It does look delicious!