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Spicy Italian Beef Sandwiches.

Spicy Italian Beef Sandwiches

The line up of ingredients... couldn't be more simple...
Another family favorite... Spicy Italian Beef Sandwiches.  This recipe is from a great little cookbook called "Cooking with Beer" (purchased at Barnes and Noble Bookstore several years ago).  I tried to find the cookbook last night after we ate dinner to show you how cute it is... the book is actually shaped like a can of beer.  But I couldn't find the book.  Thankfully, I have the recipe memorized... I make it that frequently.  Here's the recipe"

Italian Beef for Sandwiches
(From a book called "Cooking with Beer")

1 chuck tender roast or chuck roast (trimmed of fat) approx. 3 to 4 pounds
1 can of beef broth (14 ounce size), reduced sodium if desired
1 bottle or can of beer (I like to O'Douls non-alcoholic Amber Ale) I used a can of Coors Light this time
1 pkg. (dry) Good Season's Brand Zesty Italian Dressing Mix
1 16-ounce jar pepperoncini peppers, drained (remove all stems with a knife)
Hoagie or french rolls
Sliced or grated cheese of your chosing (recommend provolone cheese, pepper jack cheese, Monterrey jack cheese, Swiss cheese)

1.         Put the roast, broth and beer in the slow cooker.  Sprinkle the dressing mix on top of the roast; do not stir.  Place the peppers around the roast.
2.         Cook covered on low for 8 to 10 hours.
3.         Shred the meat and make sandwiches on rolls. Top with pepperonci peppers and cheese (If desired, first toast buns under the broiler, then top with cheese, then melt cheese under the broiler, and then top with the shredded meat and pepers).  Enjoy!  (I like to strain the cooking juices and eat the sandwich like a French Dip with Au Jus).

The recipe calls for "beef chuck tender roast".  I can only seem to find this cut of beef at WalMart.  I prefer this cut over a chuck roast for this recipe because it's very lean. Ordinarily, there is a little fat and a little "silver skin" on the chuck tender roast, but I trim that away before cooking.  Unlike many "chuck roasts", there is no fat running through the "chuck tender roast"... that's why I recommend looking for this type of roast if you can find it.

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