Friday, September 9, 2011

Score... a New STOCK Pot!

I wandered into the store called "Tuesday Morning" today... I had a loaner car while my car got an oil change and serviced in Colorado Springs.  At the store, they made an announcement over the public address system... "All clearance items are an additional 40% off today!".  Tuesday Morning stores are odd... this is only the second time I've visited this shop. They have an odd assortment of items... bras, pajamas, yarn, candles, plates, flat wear, stationery, bed sheets, picture frames, picnic baskets... no rhyme or reason... just marked down stuff.  The store in Southern Colorado Springs is actually a mess but it's worth a look around once in awhile despite the fact I am not much a shopper.

I found this lonely stock pot on the clearance rack.  The price was marked $76.99 and I recognized the brand "Chantal" as being a spendy brand of cookware.  There was a yellow sticker which showed an even lower price of $44.99.  I was thinking the pot would be pretty reasonable with an additional 40% off.  Brought it up to the counter and got the pot for $23.99 ($25.77 with tax)... not too bad. 

But when I got home I noticed a price tag on the pot. The suggested price was $159.99.  Whaaaattt!!!? I just had to look on the internet to see if this could be correct and sure enough is IS.  (See link HERE). 
Score! I got a very nice price on my Chantal 9 Quart Enamel-on-Steel Stock Pot.  It has a non-stick surface inside.  Time to make even more soup!

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ColoradoMom said...

Total Score!