Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mexican Eggs

Whenever I buy a package of white corn tortillas, I am scrambling to think of uses for the tortillas since so many tortillas come in a package (30 I think).  I chop them up and put them in THIS SOUP, but we've been enjoying the tortillas for breakfast as well.  If fact, this is our new favorite breakfast.  I am calling it Mexican Eggs since I don't really know if this is similar to Huevos Rancheros or not.  It's really quick and easy.  My husband enjoys this breakfast with green salsa (salsa verde) from La Costena.  I like red salsa or picante sauce (Pace brand is easy to find).  Of course, any salsa you likek and have on hand would work.
Mexican Eggs
2 white corn tortillas
2 eggs
2 heaping tablespoons refried beans (from a can of Rosarita fat-free refried beans)
about 2 tablespoons of your favorite salsa (La Costena salsa verde is pictured here)
salt and pepper to taste
grated cheese
Heat the refried beans in the microwave oven; set aside.
Put the corn tortillas in a dry skillet over medium high heat and cook until toasty/slightly browned.  The corn tortillas have a surprising amount of moisture in them and they take a few minutes to get toasty... so start cooking the tortillas before you start cooking the eggs.
In a non-stick skillet, cook two eggs (over easy or over medium... whatever you like).  Sprinkle on a little salt and pepper.
Smear the refried beans over the toasty tortillas, sprinkle on a little cheese, and top with cooked eggs.  Pour the salsa in the pan you used to cook the eggs to warm the salsa slightly.  Drizzle the salsa over the eggs, beans, and tortillas. Enjoy with a fork and knife.

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