Saturday, November 30, 2013

Work in the Kitchen

Ahhhh, look at that tidy kitchen!  I am over the moon.  This is one of those instances where I wish I would have taken a BEFORE picture for you.  My kitchen was driving me nuts.  I have so much cabinet space but I was still storing all kinds of things on my counter top!  I had a bunch of de-cluttering projects in mind for my long Thanksgiving Weekend and clearing off my kitchen counter tops was one of my projects for today.

Gone from this area... one stand mixer, one toaster, one bowl containing onions and garlic, one bowl containing tomatoes, limes, avocados (yep, making guacamole later this week).  Also gone, a wooden block that held a bunch of knives.

Whoa, that's a little blurry, right? Sorry about that. But I had to keep this photo.  Do you see the ceramic tile above the stove?  Zach made that in art class in grade school.  The kids made artwork in class and then, as a fund raiser, parents could buy items with the art work upon it (ie. t-shirts, coffee mugs, tile trivets, computer mouse pads, etc.).
I love this tile.  It's colorful leaves... red, yellow, and green, with shades of blue in the background.  I love that Zach added a black border around the perimeter of the tile.  
I love the red accents in my kitchen.  Tea pot, pepper mill, salt pot...
Check it out! What a great place for knives.  So very handy!
It's a big wooden strip with two magnets!  I found this for just under $20.00 at the Calphalon Factory Outlet Store in Castle Rock, Colorado, last week. LOVE IT!  My husband hung this up for me today. 

Loving the feel of my spruced up, cleaned up, de-cluttered kitchen!

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What an awesome kitchen!

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