Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Fall

Yesterday was a busy, but beautiful autumn day.

I was very happy that I had taken the time to make Crock Pot Steel Cut Apple Pie Oats in my Crock Pot on Thursday. I just warmed up a bit of this with milk and walnut pieces, gobbled it up, and headed out the door with the doggies for a walk.  It was 40 degrees F out. Brrrrr!

The sun was doing pretty things in the back yard looking East.

And the sun was doing even more amazing things looking West.

Oh, sorry that is blurry, but do you see the golden sun kissing the tree tops?
Then we were off to City Park in Pueblo, Colorado, for the Tennis Regionals Tournament.  All the teams are circled up for the announcement of the matches.  Zach's first match was at 9:00 am.  He won that match 6-0, 6-0.  On to the next round.

The second match was a real "nail biter".  Zach fell behind quickly in the first set, but he rallied back and won the first set 6-4.  In the second set, both boys won a few games and I think at one point, Zach was ahead 5-2, but next thing we knew, the opponent had rallied back and it was tied at 5-5.  Then it was 6-6, so they had to do a seven point tie breaker.  If the opponent had won the tie breaker, the match would be tied up at one set each, so the boys would have had to play a third set.

Thankfully Zach won the tie breaker and he's off to the finals today (Saturday).

When we got home, we got the doggies and took them down to the riverwalk and sun was doing amazing things again.  The photos don't quite capture how pretty it was.
Happy Fall!

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