Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saturday Drive

I keep meaning to post a bit more about our trip to Denver a few weeks back but I think the pretty weather we are having is keeping me from doing that.  We decided to take a drive yesterday (Saturday). It's been a rainy spring here so things here are VERY green. We drove from Canon City, Colorado, to Salida, Colorado.  We mostly took unpaved roads on the way to Salida, but on the way home back to Canon City, we stayed on Highway 50.  Both routes are beautiful.  Highway 50 between Salida and Canon City follows the Arkansas River though a canyon known as Big Horn Sheep Canyon.  No big horn sheep spottings for us on the drive, but I took a few photos of some beautiful alpine wildflowers and the pretty scenery along the way.

Doh! Photo bombed by a Labradoodle.

Above:  The aspens are still looking a little scrawny, but I liked the blue sky in this photo. 

Above:  Looking sort of west.

The snow-capped Collegiate Peaks are in the distance. I don't know which peak is which, but they are named Mt. Harvard, Mt. Yale, Mt. Princeton... you get the idea.

Above:  Looking sort of south (and playing with the filters on my iPhone).

Below:  Looking sort of north.

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