Friday, October 7, 2016

Super Salad: Apple, Cranberry, and Pecan Spinach Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette

I had a super salad for supper at home tonight. I was inspired by a salad I had at a restaurant last week.  The restaurant was "Sonterra: Innovative Southwest Grill" and it is located in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I ordered a bowl of their Tortilla Soup and their fancy House Salad. Their House Salad consisted of a bed of fresh spring greens, chopped pecans, blue cheese crumbles, thinly sliced apples, dried sweetened cranberries, and a delicious Apple Cider Vinaigrette. 

Tonight I made up some Apple Cider Vinaigrette with a recipe I found on line.  For my salad, I added some protein (smoked deli turkey and a chopped hard boiled egg).  I did not have any blue cheese; it would have been great if I did. Next time I'll add blue cheese crumbles!

Here are the ingredients I used for my Super Salad:

Tender Spinach (a few handfuls)
Hard Boiled Egg (one)
Smoked Deli Turkey (2.5 to 3 ounces)
Craisins (a few tablespoons)
Chopped Pecans (a few tablespoons)
Honey Crisp Apple Slices (1/2 of a small apple)

I found a recipe for Apple Cider Vinaigrette on and I made up just half a recipe.  Next time, I will use less olive oil.  I found myself wanting to add more apple cider and honey so I could really taste those ingredients.  So next time I make this dressing, I will start with less olive oil.  Here is the recipe:

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