Monday, July 19, 2010

A happy accident

Awhile back, I stumbled across a new kind of peanut butter. I have been eyeing it on the grocery-store shelf, but refrained from buying it for a few months.  I have a thing for peanut butter.  I like peanut butter on all kinds of things... apples, bananas, celery, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon raisin bread, french toast, bread... a spoon... you get the idea.  This particular jar of peanut butter caught my eye because it has cinnamon and raisins in it.  How cool is that?!  I noticed this brand (Peanut Butter & Co.) has other flavors including one with white chocolate and one with dark chocolate.  The cinnamon and raisin version is gluten free and vegan; I did not check the labels on all of the jars.  I finally splurged and bought a jar with the cinnamon and raisins and I am really enjoying this treat on my homemade wheat bread.  If you are interested in finding this peanut butter, the website is  You can locate stores near you where you can buy their peanut butter, but when I checked out their website, I found they have lots of other flavors and you can order their products on-line.  Yum!

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