Friday, October 8, 2010

Le Petite Chablis (French Bakery in my hometown)

My Friday routine... I go for a walk with a friend at the local ecology park... the scenery is beautiful, the company is great, and I get my puppy fix (my friend, Tracy, has two dogs... a pug and a Boston terrier).  Then I go to a local cafe. We have a new French Bakery in town. It's right next to the fancy French Restaurant called "Le Petite Chablis".  Both the restaurant and bakery are run by a man from France so I am led to believe the food is quite authentic, which is such a treat for a smaller town in Southern Colorado. The restaurant is in a big white house which is Victorian era if I am not mistaken (lots of homes in our town are of that era).  The bakery is in a tiny house next door; it's a really cute brick bungalow style house.  The rooms are tiny but the is decor is very nice. There are little Eiffel Towers all over the place... just so you won't forget it's a FRENCH bakery...

 The view from my chair.  I sat in the corner with small windows to my left and right.  I like watching people come and go.  You can see one of the display cases in the distance.

Display case #1. There are cream puffs with necks... I think they resemble swans.
 I could not resist taking a photo of these glistening fruit tarts.
Display case #2.  My sampling has been limited to this area.  I've had a wonderful Cranberry Harvest cookie with oats, walnuts, dried cranberries, and lots of other goodies.  Today I had a butter croissant with strawberry jam... and really, REALLY good coffee.
Another close up of the goodies on display.  I love the handwritten signs.
It was a good place to sit and knit.

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