Thursday, July 26, 2012

What to do when Pillsbury sends you 150 bags of chips (Post #1)

Ever since I opened up my box containing 150 bags of Pillsbury Brand Baguette Chips (in Italian Cheese and Herb flavor) the gears have been churning in my brain. Of course Pillsbury wants me to share these with friends and family, but they also encouraged me to share any creative recipe ideas at www.Facebook/pillsbury or at

Today I went with my husband to the gym for a little bit before we went for a hike on Skyline Drive.  When we came home, I made up some hot dogs for the boys (Johnsonville has a new variety called Chili and Cheese and they really do taste like a chili dog).  Since I am in my healthy eating mode, I decided I wanted something other than hot dogs.  I whipped this up instead.  The verdict:  An aesome, light, and tasty use for Italian Cheese and Herb Baguette Chips. 

Campbell's Healthy Request Tomato Soup with Baguette Chips as croutons... Good.  But even BETTER....

Garden salad with romaine lettuce, red onion, grape tomatoes, carrots, celery, Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, and crushed up Baguette Chips as croutons.  I used one pouch of chips... half on the salad and half in the soup.  Yum!

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