Thursday, July 26, 2012

Look what was in the mail!

A surprise package arrived yesterday.  When I got home the boys were all excited... "Open it!  Open it!"  They were hoping the box really contained Pillsbury Baguette Chips like the box said. My son's fear of course was that the box USED to contain yummy treats but the contents had been removed and now contained something less exciting... you know... books, hand-me-down clothing... something other than delicious, yummy, chrunchy, salty treats!

150 bags of Baguette Chips are in this box.  Crazy, huh?

I was pretty excited too.  How fun is this?!  I think I set my keys down and was walking through the kitchen to get the scissors to open the box but by they my husband had grabbed my keys to open the box.  Bags of baguette chips were promptly opened and sampled. They weren't waiting for me to open the box; they were waiting for me to get home so they could tear into the snacks.  I walked back across the kitchen to put the scissors away and one chip was popped into my mouth so I could see how good they are.  Mmmmm, they are good.  I set about making dinner (we had breakfast for dinner).  Looked over the letter in the box and the gears started churning in my brain.

Creative ideas?!  I do have some of those. I am looking forward to trying some of these chips in some recipes.  I'll share my ideas with you here. 

Do you see that the chips come in two flavors?  Italian Cheese and Herb and Cheddar Sun-dried Tomato.  My son is still reveling in the fact that they sent us the Italian Herb and Cheese and NOT the Cheddar Sun-dried Tomato.   I am reveling in the fact that Pillsbury sent me something that can fit into my healthy eating goals. (I think I am down about 10 pounds since we came back from vacation in June!  I am in the 140's... woo hoo!)

Typically I don't buy snacky treats like this, but I am excited that these are lower fat, lower calorie, and packaged in small 130 calorie packs. 

Wednesday night is my Friday night... So I had this for my late night snack last night:  grape tomatoes, a bag of baguette chips, and a bottle of Blue Moon beer (a white wheat ale with hits of coriander and citrus)... a good pairing.  A delicious treat!

I am not sure when these will be in stores but my family is a big fan already.
We already had to have discussions about the number of bags which can be consumed in one day.

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