Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Carnival Breeze... See Our Stateroom

Another post about our recent cruise to the Caribbean.  I hope I am not boring you with the details. I figured this was a good way to share our trip photos with friends and family.  I just realized in posting these photos, I have no pictures from this trip with me in them. Typical.  No evidence I was even on this trip. 

This was our room. We got an inside room with no windows.  We did not plan to spend much time in the room so we figured this was good enough.  I think we did sleep really well on the cruise since the room was so dark even when the sun rose in the morning.   Zach slept in the "bunk bed" which was like a Murphy Bed which popped out of the ceiling.  The bed below the bunk bed is actually two twin beds so you can see the room can be configured a few ways.  The room had a mini fridge, a small safe, big closets, a TV, three suitcases, and a very compact bathroom, but it was nice.

The housekeeping staff were amazingly nice and it seems as if they were constantly sneaking into our rooms to freshen things up.  Every night they came in and gave us come chocolates, turned down our beds, and provided us with a schedule for the next days events and activities.  Each night we also had a new towel creature.  It was always fun to come in in the evening to see what animal was perched on the bed. 

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