Saturday, June 15, 2013

Carnival Breeze... Things To Do on a Sea Day


On our recent cruise in the Caribbean on the Carnival Breeze, there were two Sea Days... only sailing, no stopping.  On these days, there were extra activities scheduled to keep the guests occupied.
The pool pictured above is the party pool. Lots of activity, loud music, a bar or two where alcohol was served, Guy Fieri's Burger Joint (Guy Fieri is the guy with the blond spiky hair on the Food Network's show called "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives), and a Mexican restaurant called "The Blue Iguana".  We spent no time here during the day but at night time, they showed movies.  We also watched some of the NBA play-off games here. It was nice when it was dark out.

There were four hot tubs like this on Deck #5.  Nice view!  The orange things in the photo are the tops of lifeboats.

While on the ship, I also really enjoyed walking around both inside and outside.  This area is called the atrium and it's the one area where you can see up several levels.  I kind of expected more areas on the ship where there would be big open cavernous spaces (I pictured more vaulted ceilings several stories high) but on a ship, space is limited so I guess it wouldn't make sense to waste space like that.   There are glass elevators in the atrium area which go up about at least 10 decks.  There were decorative fabric lantern-like light fixtures filling up the open space.  It made for dramatic ride in the glass elevator.

I took the photo above from Deck #10 and you can see the concentric ovals down below which is actually a dance floor on Deck #3.  The pale blue wall, which resembles the sky, has little white twinkly lights embedded in the wall.

Hmmmm, I did not take a good photo of the sports deck which was Deck #12 (I think).  This was a very cool area... mini-golf, a ropes course, ping pong, pool table, a multi-purpose area for basketball or volleyball, outdoor workout equipment, and a walking track (7 laps was one mile).  Zach and I spent a lot of time on the sports deck; I especially liked it up here in the evening.  The mid-day sun was a bit too much for me.  But at 9:00 pm, 85 percent humidity, and 80 plus degrees... I liked it.

I mentioned the towel creatures they housekeeping staff would leave in our room each evening.  On one of the Sea Days, we attended a towel folding demonstration and we learned how to make this rabbit and also an elephant.  The ship's candy shop called "Cherry On Top" had available for purchase a book showing how to make the towel creatures. 

The Cooking Demonstration I attended on board was also a really fun activity on one of the two Sea Days.  I have a coworker who goes on cruises a few times each year it seems. She said to look for trivia contests while on board.  I did find trivia contests on the Sea Days and attended a few of them and they were very fun.  There was Sports Trivia, Food and Drink Trivia (I missed that one... darn it!), Super Trivia, Name That Tune Trivia, all kinds of trivia.  It was a nice way to spend time and socialize with some other people on the cruise.  Zach and Ron both participated in some of the trivia contests and enjoyed them as well. They also had a napkin folding demonstration on one of the Sea Days.  Zach was so impressed by the fancy folded napkins in the fancy dining rooms in the restaurants on the cruise ship. We were bummed we missed the napkin folding class.

There was one day early on in the cruise where Ron and Zach were both feeling poorly.  I really enjoyed the time I spent lounging in shade reading a book. I read "The Hunger Games" on the ship. I loved that book.  I am reading the 2nd book right now.

My favorite area on the ship was the pool on Deck #10 at the very back of the ship. It was a quite, relaxed atmosphere. On the last night of the cruise, Zach and I hung out here and we had nearly the whole desk to ourselves. I liked hanging out here at nighttime... did not have to worry about getting too much sun. I was hoping for starry nights but with the humidity and cloudy skies, we did not see the moon or any stars. Sometimes we would see the lights from other ships off in the distance though.


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