Friday, June 14, 2013

Carnival Breeze... Visting Nassau, Bahamas

We did not plan ahead for our time in Nassau, Bahamas, so again... "we winged it". We hopped in a cab and went to the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort to spend the day.   At the resort, you can buy a day pass to use the various ammenities available at the resort.  The cheapest option is a day pass for access to the beaches, two acquariums, and lunch at the resort for about $60.00 per person. You can also pay for access to the pool and the most expensive option grants you access to their waterpark for $129.00 per person so you can ride five slides! Eeek!  We opted for the cheap version.  We swam in the water at the beach, snuck into one of their pools (shhhh, don't tell anyone!), and then we got kicked out of the pool due to rain, lightning, and thunder.  It rained like you would not believe. We hid under the edge of a building until it stopped (maybe 20 minutes and about an inch of rain). After that we found one of the restaurants where we could go for lunch and had some fish and chips.  After that, we checked out the two acquariums we were allowed to see and they were quite nice.  In one area, you go though a glass tunnel and the predators swim above and around you... sharks and the hugest manta ray called "Hercules".  I honestly think the thing was at least 12 feet across.  Spectacular to see.  They also had some beautiful acquariums that featured really cool creatures... seahorse.  Unbelieveable to see up close like that. Our favorite tanks contained jellyfish, including some that were phosphorescent or "glowed in the dark."  Watching them swim was rather hypnotic.  My husband and I both had the same thought, "Man, if we were really rich we would have big acquariums in our home with jellyfish in them!"

The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort... it was a hazy, cloudy day. When the sun came out, it was unbelieveably hot!

A little slip of land... couldn't believe houses were built here.  Uhh??? Hurricanes???

A Disney Ship called "Dream" parked next to us.  I tried to take photos of the back.  You can see Mickey Mouse and an enchanted broom from "Fantasia" hanging off the stern.  There were other Disney characters on the other side of the stern.

The Disney ship had a some water tube rides on the top of the ship.  Do you see the blue raft carrying a passenger in the tube?  Fun!

Leaving port... snapping photos.  I liked how when we were leaving the port, the folks on the Disney ship and the folks on our ship were all waving to one another.  When we left the port, I could also snap a photo of the other Carnival Ship which was docked at the port while we were there.  That's a lot of folks visiting one town at the same time!

I think this is "The Hilton Hotel".  Very pretty!

Pilot ship leading the way.  I thougth it was sweet that the folks on the pilot ship were waving up at the passengers on the cruise ship.

Looks like they are stockpiling sand here.

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