Monday, March 30, 2015


Royal Gorge Trail
In the distance, there are snow capped mountains.  Gorgeous views from the Royal Gorge Trail!

My friend, Tracy, showed me a new hiking trail this past Friday.  This trail, which was built last summer by some sort of youth work corps, is a well kept secret. I saw a small article in the local paper about the trail last Fall when the trail was completed, but the trail is completely unmarked. Tracy said she's only every seen one person on the trail and she's up there quite frequently.  It's great to have a trail to yourself but, at the same time, it's sad they worked so hard to build the trail to have so few folks enjoying it.
This trail is spectacular! We walked a little over 8,000 steps if I recall correctly.  In the photo above, I am aiming my camera in the direction of the trail at Tunnel Drive, which is the trail I blogged about in yesterday's post. 

Above:  There are white snow capped peaks in the distance in the center of the photo. This is the Sangre de Cristo range (Sangre de Cristo translates to "blood of Christ" if I am not mistaken). 

Tracy was puppy sitting for a friend.  Luna, a Golden Retriever, Lancelot (Lance for short), a pug, and Odin, another pug, are Lynn's dogs.  Leila, a Boston Terrier, and Belle, another pug, are Tracy's dogs.  And of course, Brutus and Sandy, the Mighty Labradoodles, were with me.  Seven dogs; two crazy dog ladies. The dog's had fun getting rowdy in a patch of snow in a shady spot left over from Wednesday's freak snow shower.  
When I got home, I did some yarn clean up, picking up leaves and twigs and picking a few weeds.  I found this big 'ol spider AFTER I picked a bunch of leaves with my bare hands.  I wonder what spiders I did NOT see in the big 'ol pile of leaves. Eeeek!

The puppies and I enjoyed the day together. I did some painting indoors and also worked on washing all the linens.  In the photos above, Brutus and Sandy are both conducting a "quality assurance" check on this blanket. 

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