Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Back at Tunnel Drive
Post 3 of 4 showing our great hikes while my husband and son were away to see Grandma in Des Moines for a few days during Spring Break.  Can you tell from the long shadows that the doggies and I are early birds!?  I love long shadows in the fall and spring.
Above:  Looking through the first two tunnels on the Tunnel Drive trail. These tunnels are rather small compared to the tunnel #3.  Tunnel #3 is long and dark and the wind always blows when you are doing through that tunnel. The doggies love to get rowdy and wrestle in the dark tunnel. Something about the wind really makes those dogs rowdy.  Silly dogs!

So while the guys have been away, I have been tending to some cleaning projects. I got all the bed lines washed. I put away the winter comforter and made the bed with the summer-weight quilt.  I made the bed when I got up in the morning. I gave the dogs their baths after the hike and then I took a shower. When I got out of the shower, this is what the bed looked like!  Looks like there was some more wrestling going on after the dogs had their baths. Something about being cold and wet makes those dogs rowdy. Silly dogs!

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