Thursday, April 2, 2015


Back at the Trail at Tunnel Drive
Post 4 of 4 about my great hikes last week while they guys were out of town...
The doggies and I went back to the trail at Tunnel Drive... I'll never grow tired of this place.  It was another beautiful morning.  We could hear and see lots of Canadian Geese on our hike. It's amazing how sound travels up slope so well.  We often hear the geese down in the river but we can't see them.  I love when we see them flying through the canyon, honking away, and I especially enjoy seeing them land in the water.

You can see how steep the canyon is. You are actually looking down at old telephone or power lines. 

So as we were ending our hike, I came across a nice couple. They said they had just seen a big male (ram) Big Horn Sheep.  I had seen them looking up just a little while before I spoke to them. When I got to that point in the trail, I looked up and initially did not see him.  Do you see him? It's hard. He blends in really well.  I am calling this the Colorado version of Where's Waldo!

In this picture, I zoomed in just a bit.  He is smack dab in the middle of the photo.  There is a green bush to the left of center. The ram, with huge curly horns, is slightly to the right and slightly below that green busy.  Wish it was a better photo to share.

Below (a Google Image):  This is what kind of creature you are looking for in the photo above in case you are not familiar with Big Horn Sheep.  They are so majestic.  The canyon up river from Tunnel Drive is called "Big Horn Sheep Canyon," but I have never seen Big Horn Sheep up at Tunnel Drive before.

Hoping the weather is getting nicer where you live and you are getting out and enjoying it like I have been!

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