Friday, April 24, 2015

Corn Waffles Smothered with Chili and Cheese

Corn Waffles Smothered with Chili and Cheese

Here's a yummy idea!

I got a waffle iron the other day from my friend, Belinda.  Thanks, Belinda (she was decluttering her kitchen). I have given the little iron a work out since I acquired it. The freezer is well stocked with blueberry and chocolate chip waffles  now. 

Yesterday I made corn waffles using two boxes of Jiffy Muffin mix. You just have to add eggs, milk, and a little melted butter. 

For lunch yesterday and today, I toasted up a waffle, warmed up some homemade chili, and topped it all with some cheese. Sour cream and onions would be good additions as well.  The waffles don't stay crisp but the flavor combination is good. 

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