Monday, August 17, 2015

A Night on the Town in Denver


A few posts back I mentioned our trip to the big city (Denver) over Memorial Day weekend. It's almost Labor Day and I haven't gotten around to finishing telling about it.   

After walking around downtown all afternoon, our feet were tired. We stopped at Wynkoop Brewing Company. I loved the old building (photo above) with high ceilings, detailed crown moldings, and stamped tin ceiling. 

Wynkoop Brewing Company was founded by Colorado's Govenor, John Hickenlooper, in the late 1980's.  The beer was refreshing, but drinking in the afternoon goes against my "don't drink before 8:00 pm" rule. It makes me sleepy. 

We left Wyncoop's to have dinner. There were all kinds of steak and seafood places nearby. We had eyed a steakhouse about a block away. 

"Morton's: The Steakouse" had their menu posted in the window. The first thing I read was "Filet Mignon... $62".  We made a u-turn and went back to Wyncoop's for burgers and fries. Yep, I'm a cheap date. 

Turns out walking on asphalt and concrete is tough on our legs; we walk our dogs a few miles each day on dirt paths, but are not accustomed to such hard surfaces. Our legs were tired. We found ourselves back in our hotel room at 7:30 pm.  Party animals... NOT!

We decided staying in before 8:00 pm and not taking advantage of being downtown would be really pathetic and lame. So we headed to "The Cruise Room" which is a bar off the hotel's lobby. I have never seen a place like this. 

Photo above is from the Oxford Hotel website. 

The entire room had a peachy-pink glow. There are no windows in the room. The walls were lined with these Art Deco plaster panels (below). If you did not know better, you might think you'd been transported to a swanky bar in Miami in the 1920's.  The hotel staff tell folks this bar opened the day after Prohinition ended in 1933, but it was easy to imagine this place as a Speakeasy during Prohibition. 

I have not had drinks like this before. 
The menu really is white but the room's lighting colored the menu this way. 

I went for a Red Widow which is described below if you can make it out. Yep!  Those are pickled jalapeño slices floating in my cocktail!  The ingredients include peach vodka, champagne, elderflower liqueur, and jalapeño juice. Wild, right?  It was a strong drink and quite spicy. 

I found this little tidbit on the Oxford Hotel  website:  

"We have ghosts. You may see one in The Cruise Room on a snowy night. Don’t worry they’re friendly."

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