Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week 1: Empty Nesting

We've been Empty Nesters for one whole week.  Baby boy left for college a week ago.  I "liked" the University of Northern Colorado" page on Facebook which gives me a bit of insight as to what is going on on campus.  From the looks of it, the first weekend was one big "fun fest".  On Saturday, I sent a text to Zach on his cell phone to ask him if he was in the photo above.  This is the reply we got Sunday morning.  
Hey sorry I haven't texted.  Yeah. I'm in each of the letters wearing a gray shirt. I got a concussion last night and was in the hospital but everything is ok and I'm back on campus. I'll call you guys later this afternoon when I meet back up with my friends and they'll tell you what happened cuz  I don't remember .  I took a nasty spill and I'm having a lot of trouble remembering basic things.

Nice text for a parent to get from their freshman, right? 

Apparently Zach was at the fun fest and was playing on one of those bouncy house things in the back ground in the following two photos.  He said he jumped down the slide and missed the slide altogether, crashing into one of his new friends with his head. 

Scary to hear of this and difficult to be so far away and not see him in person to see if he is really okay!  So the first week was off to a rough start. 

Classes started Monday.  It's hard to not be a Mom.
"Did you pick up your parking permit?"
"Did you get your textbooks?"
"Have you unpacked yet?"
I am trying to not meddle.

While Zach is away at school adjusting to his new world as a college student, we are adjusting to our new world as Empty Nesters.  So far, so good!  My husband has been making good strides trying to lose some weight this summer so we are trying to not eat out too much.  This afternoon, we splurged a bit and we went up to Old Colorado City and one of our very favorite restaurants:  Jake and Telly's.  It's a Greek Restaurant.

We shared this appetizer which is a great way to sample many items on the menu. We also split an entrée which was a Gyro Platter.  It was gyro meat over a bed of sautéed cabbage, kale, and red potatoes.  I neglected to snap a photo of the gyro platter; we dove right in before I thought to take a photo.

We sat out on the balcony, overlooking town below. After dinner, we looked around at some of the shops in the area. It was a very nice afternoon.

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So glad your son is OK...

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