Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Keurig Update

I posted last week that I was excited to be trying out my new Keurig brewing machine.  I don't imagine I'll do a lot of blogging about this brewer, but I am pretty darn excited about a few things and feel compelled to share.

I am really enjoying my Keurig.  It's been fun to sample the different brands of coffee; a number of sample K-cups were included in the box.  At the grocery store, I also checked out the aisle where I can find K-cups for purchase. There are lots of choices which is nice.  They are kind of expensive (I shop at a Kroger store), but a number of the choices were "on sale" so I decided to try some of the marked down varieties. What I've learned is that I think the tea I am making in my Keurig are just too strong.  So far, I have tried Tazo brand Awake English Breakfast Tea.  As I write this, I am thinking, "Maybe I can just add some more hot water to weaken it a bit?"  Oh, light bulb moment... "I should add ice to dilute it and make ice tea!  BINGO!  I also tried Chai Latte in my Keurig. It's a yummy, sweet treat.

Finally, here's the thing I am very excited about. When I called Keurig on the phone the day after I bought my brewer (to ask questions about what cups/pods/packs to use in my machine), the very helpful representative reminded me to register my Keurig on-line and said I would get up to 50% off   cups/pods/packs (up to five boxes).  I put about $75.00 worth of items in my "on line shopping cart" today and only paid $29.00 for it all (plus I got free shipping).  Wow! That's pretty great.

Now, I just need to find some place in my kitchen where I can store all of these little cups.

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