Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring is Coming?

*** I wrote this post this past weekend.***

This time of year is so confusing in Colorado. We have days with temperatures near 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and then it snows. 

We have been in a snowy/rainy weather pattern for days. But we don't complain; we always welcome moisture in the high mountain desert. 

I ventured out for one of my favorite walks today between rain showers. This place is called Tunnel Drive and it's a four mile hike. I love this place. 

The surrounding peaks were covered in snow and sometimes obscured by heavy mist. 

There's a waterfall trickling in the photo above but it's hard to see. 

The photo above is of a waterfall across the river; I zoomed in a bit. 

There were lots of rock falls on the hiking trail today from all the rain. Maybe from drastic the temperature changes too; I am not sure. 

Spring is coming. Maybe later this week it will be here to stay?

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