Saturday, July 23, 2016

Enjoyable Things About Going on a Cruise

A towel elephant... wearing Marilyn's glasses.

Clearly there a lot of enjoyable things about going on a cruise.  Marilyn and I really got a kick out of finding different towel animals in our room each night.  The towel animals were accompanied by chocolates for a bedtime snack.  Our cabin steward, Milos (from Serbia) enjoyed finding Marilyn's reading glasses in our room and our animals were usually bespectacled.   

A monkey.

A dinosaur (there's a funny story about this animal).

A bunny (with chocolates!)

Hmmmm, now that I look at this towel creature, I am not so sure WHAT it is?

Clearly... this one is a snake!

And this appears to be a penguin.

Now, here's the funny story about the dinosaur towel animal.  On our last night of the cruise, we were in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  We had only a few hours in Victoria, so Marilyn and I opted to stay on the ship, have a nice leisurely dinner in a restaurant we had not yet tried, and I went to the gym. We also enjoyed strolling around the ship and taking in the scenery.  We went back to our room and we noticed that, on this - our final night of the cruise - we did NOT have a new towel animal in our room!  Maybe that's just how things go on cruises; no towel animals on the final night.  I whipped open the cabin door and peered down the hall, and found our cabin steward, Milos.  I sort of pouted and said, "Hey, where's my towel animal?" 

Marilyn and I left our room again that evening. Sure enough, when we came back, there was a towel animal (a dinosaur) in our room.  Milos never let us down!

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