Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Favorite Food Spots in Seattle

Slowly but surely I am sharing my experiences from my recent Alaskan Cruise and time in Seattle, Washington. This being a cooking blog and all, I am posting a little about food. 

Seattle is a real foodie town.  We noticed so many restaurants with long lines of patrons waiting to get in. When I am in Seattle, it's a special treat for me to go to Ivar's Acres of Clams Restaurant.  Ivar's is on the pier and it's near other tourist areas such as the aquarium and gift shops.  I have fond memories of going to this pier area with my Mom and Dad, but I also went there when my husband and I were dating.  When I was pregnant, way back in 1995, we were living in Colorado, we planned a trip to go visit my family in Oregon.  Instead of flying to the Portland airport in Oregon, we flew to Seattle airport in Washington.  When we got to Seattle, we proceeded to Ivar's on the pier and chowed down on fish and chips, clam chowder, and coleslaw.  Pregnant mama wanted to have her seafood!  I recall going back to Seattle and going to Ivar's before we flew back to Colorado, too. 

So when I was in Seattle earlier this month, it was a treat to go have a cup of clam chowder on the pier.  Ivar's has a walk up counter where you can order your food. You can sit in this covered seating area (photo below) for informal dining.  There is also a formal sit down restaurant in the back, which is very nice.  

Here are some photos I took when I was walking around the pier area near Ivar's.

Now, after this recent trip to Seattle, I have a NEW favorite place to grab something to eat.  Just across from this entrance to the Pike Place Market, there is an amazing shop called "Elleno's".  This place was recommended to us by the ladies at a nearby yarn shop. 

Check out this display at Elleno's.  It looks to be gelato but it's the most amazing hand crafted Greek yogurt.  You could choose from all sort of wonderful flavors... marion berry pie, passion fruit, chai, lemon. I just couldn't choose.  I went for museli which was a mix of grains and dried fruits.  It was so good.  I have to admit I have thought about this yogurt so many times since I had it a few weeks ago. Next time I am in Seattle, I will definitely visit Elleno's again. 

My only regret was that I did not get a larger portion!

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