Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pike Place Market

I've been back from my Alaskan cruise for over a week now and still have so much to share about my trip. Here's a quick post about the LAST DAY of our trip (I know... that's not chronologically correct... sorry!).  I had all of these great shots of the Pike Place Market in my iPhone so I figured I would put them all in one post. 

Pike Place Market is a place I've wanted to go to years.  I lived near Portland, Oregon, from the age of nine until I moved to Colorado at age 23. I travelled to Seattle from Oregon a number of times but never saw the Pike Place Market. I am glad I finally got to see it.  It's basically a covered seafood and farmers market.  We got off of our cruise ship, dropped our suit cases off at the hotel, and went right to Pike Place Market. They were just setting up when we got there, so it was not yet very crowded. I liked being able to check out the market when it was not too crowded.  Here are some photos.  You will see Marilyn's lovely hand in some of the photos.  We could not get over the size of some of the seafood and some of the baked goods, so her hand is in there for the sake of size comparison. 

What a fun and colorful place to visit!  Marilyn and I had brunch at Pike Place Market. There is a place in the market called Lowell's.  The website describes the place as "Seattle's Market hideaway, three floors of water view seating, fresh seafood daily... since 1957".  We shared a breakfast sandwich with egg, Swiss cheese, and ham, grilled on buttery sourdough bread.  It came with hash browns and it was all delicious. 

If you ever visit Seattle, you might want to visit the Pike Place Market.  It's definitely a feast for your eyes!

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