Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yogurt Treat

At the grocery store, I imagine you've noticed these fun and yummy looking yogurt treats.  Chobani brand has "Chobani Flips" and Fage brand has "Fage Crossovers".  As you can see above, the yogurt container has two compartments and you can flip the container of toppings into the container holding the yogurt.  I keep eyeing these at the store and considering trying one since I had a coupon, but these treats have a lot of sugar in them (20 grams of sugar per serving which is equal to 5 teaspoons of sugar in one serving).

I decided to try out my version of this flavor combination at home just the other day and it was a really yummy treat.  The Fage Crossover above is Greek yogurt with caramel blended in and the topping is honey roasted salted almonds.  Sounds amazing!

For my at-home version, I started with Fage brand plain 2% milkfat Greek yogurt and drizzled over about a teaspoon of pure maple syrup.  I topped it off with some roasted & salted almonds that I chopped up using my Pampered Chef food chopper. I love that thing!

This is a really good treat. It's healthy enough for a meal or snack but makes a nice dessert, too.  I think it also might be good with some sliced banana added in.  Maybe I'll try that next time!?!

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