Tuesday, May 2, 2017

W.I.A.Y. (What I Ate Yesterday)

A series of posts where I take a photo of EVERYTHING I eat in a day.  Clean eating is delicious and I am keeping off those pesky 35 pounds I've lost (since June 2016).

Monday started off with a GREEN SMOOTHIE (the photo above is kind of blurry... sorry about that!). This smoothie is about 1 cup of spinach, 1/2 of a banana, and about 1/4 cup of fresh pineapple. I had these ingredients in my freezer in a baggie. I just dumped the frozen goodies into my blender and added about 1 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk and whirred it all together.  Delicious!

We went and walked the dogs down at the river after breakfast.  I came home and had a snack of one hard boiled egg and one Healthy Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffin (see LINK).  These muffins are delicious. They taste like cake! But they are pretty darn healthy.  In fact, this recipe is so good, I am making them again right now. After my snack, we hopped back in to the car and went snow shoeing!

This is my first time snow shoeing EVER.  We found these snowshoes on www.samsclub.com.  We had a big snow storm this past Saturday. It was deep and heavy and rather gloppy since it was about 44 degrees out when we went snow shoeing. We decided it was more like snow slogging than snow shoeing but we had fun.  This will be a fun outdoor activity next winter. I am glad I got to try out my shoe shoes at least one time before summer starts.  Snow shoeing on May 1st! Pretty crazy, right?!?

The wind was really moving the clouds up above us but it was not too windy down in the trees where we were snow shoeing.  Here are some pretty pictures. This is the San Isabel National Forest in Southern Colorado.

Hey, that's me! You can see the lake in the background.

I took this photo (above) from the bridge (see bridge below).  The snow on the bridge was DEEP!

After our snow slogging, I had a Kind bar and some water.  Snow slogging is hard work, especially when the snow is so wet and heavy and gloppy.

Below... a late lunch.  Easy to throw together.  Fresh veggies and my favorite cold chicken (the recipe link is HERE).

For dinner, I got really fancy.  I had made up a whole wheat pizza crust in the morning and let it sit out to rest all day.  I topped the pizza crust with sautéed spinach, fresh diced Roma tomatoes, grilled chicken, and feta cheese.  It sure was pretty looking going into the oven.

Sadly, it looked a whole lot better than it tasted. 

I hate to have good ingredients go to waste. I had two slices.

Then I had an apple.

Before I went to bed, I tried another slice of pizza to see if maybe I liked it cold better than hot.  I just don't know. I think I did not like the flavor of the sautéed spinach.  Oh well, back to the drawing board.  The whole wheat pizza crust recipe is going in the trash.  There has got to be a better recipe out there.

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