Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Super (Souper) Nachos and NEW Ginsu Knives

Super * Souper * Nachos

Another recipe from my husband... who really doesn't cook.

A few years back, the boys said they wanted "nachos" on Super Bowl Sunday.  We've been making nachos at home like this ever since.  We had this for dinner on Mother's Day on Sunday.  I cooked but I did not do the dishes.

This meal is kind of decadent but darn good comfort food.  It's also a pretty quick and easy meal for a week night. The thing that makes our version of nachos different is that we combine 1 can of Campbell's Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup with 1/2 a can of refried beans.  We used to heat this combination, which basically makes a hot dip, we ate it with crunchy corn tortilla chips, and we called it "dinner".   Now our nachos have become more elaborate.

Super Souper Nachos

1 pound ground beef
approx. 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder, salt, ground black pepper, & crushed red pepper flakes
approx. 1/8 teaspoon dried basil & dried oregano
1 can (14 - 15 ounce size) refried beans (we like Rosarita brand fat-free refried beans)
1 can Campbell's Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup
1 big bag of Doritos (we like Tapatio Flavor, Taco Flavor, and Nacho Cheese Flavor) or any other corn tortilla chips

Your favorite nacho toppings:
diced tomatoes
shredded ice berg or romaine lettuce
diced red onion or diced yellow onion
jalapeno slices (from a jar)
grated cheese (optional)
sliced olives
sour cream or low fat plain yogurt
your favorite salsa (optional) if desired

In a large skillet, cook and crumble the ground beef until no pink remains.  Drain fat if necessary and season the ground beef.  We really never measure these spices... just a few pinches of the basil and oregano... but we use even more of the garlic powder, salt, pepper and crushed red pepper flakes.  So much easier and tastier than those salty taco seasoning packets.

Meanwhile, in a medium sized pot, combine the can of cheese soup with 1/2 can of the refried beans.  Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently and cooking until bubbling and very hot.   If desired, heat the remaining 1/2 can of refried beans (in the microwave oven) to serve with the nachos or save for another use (See Mexican Eggs recipe HERE which is a great use for leftover refried beans.  Have this for breakfast tomorrow!).

We serve our Super Souper Nachos family style... small containers of the nacho toppings are scattered all over the dining room table and everyone gets to make their nachos to suit their own tastes.  Layer the chips on a big plate (we like to mash up the chips a bit with our hands), sprinkle on some of the seasoned ground beef, drizzle on the hot cheesy bean concoction, and top as desired with your favorite nacho toppings.  Eat with a fork or dig in with your hands.  Enjoy!

Servings: should easily serve 4 people but sadly our family of 3 will eat this all in one sitting. Doh!


I mentioned above that I made this meal for Mother's Day this past Sunday.  What made this FUN was that I had some Ginsu Knives delivered to my house on Saturday.  You see, my brother-in-law went to the Annual Berkshire Hathaway Convention in Omaha, Nebraska, earlier this month.  From what I what I understand, various companies in which Berkshire Hathaway invests have booths displaying their wares at the convention.  I knew Warren Buffett was into Coca Cola and  Dairy Queen... turns out Ginsu knives factor in there some where too.  Lucky for me!  I used the knives to chop up my nacho toppings and these knives are great! 

Question:  The ultimate test of how good (or bad) a knife is?

Answer:  How well the knife works cutting a ripe tomato!  My new knives rock!

When we were eating the nachos my husband commented, "Why all the extra veggies!"
My reply... "I was having so much fun chopping veggies, I just couldn't stop!"

Cutting the tomato was like a hot knife going through butter.  So stoked about my great new knives.  I especially like the knife that is not serrated; the knife which is the second from the top in the photo above.  I think this is a "santoku" knife.  It's a little smaller than my chef's knife (which is an adjustment) but I LOVE it!

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